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Residential Architects are not Commercial Architects

There is a huge difference in how commercial architects as well as residential architects are working and handling projects given to them. To make it simpler, commercial jobs are intended for commercial architects. If you have a residential project wanted to be done, then let the residential architects to do it. Word of mouth is among the best ways of finding eligible candidate for the project. In fact, a friend of your friend, your colleague, relatives may have already used the service of a residential architect in designing their house.

Perhaps, you could check out their house and if it passes your standards, then you may start negotiating with the residential architect who worked on it. There are mistakes that should be avoided though when searching for an architect, which you would learn in the next paragraphs.

As a matter of fact, there are a lot of people who has a notion that residential architects should be chosen as per his/her qualifications. Okay, here’s something that you have to know. These qualifications are just a mere illustration that the architect was good in their academics while studying. Aside from that, you should not consider this as the sole factor for measuring the success and qualification of the architect.

Keep in mind that real life experiences are totally different from theories taught in school and you would have to seek services of someone who may not just be a rank holder but also, very proficient in undertaking any type of design that’s assigned to him/her. The willingness to take new projects and assigning it to other architects who are in the same company while monitoring them on regular intervals is not a good practice. Remember, it is him/her you should hire, it’s him/her who has to oversee what is happening on the project.

Taking a quick look at some of the projects designed in the past and you would be able to gather valuable information regarding the residential architect’s capabilities. You must never bias the assumptions you made based on a single project done. Always take time looking at other projects that were done under the help of same architect. Yes it is true that it may be time consuming in the process but here’s something you have to remember, no great architectural feat was done overnight. All of it takes time and you should not rush things.

There are some residential architects that are now opting for greener home designs. Meaning to say, they are designing a house in a way that it’ll be able to conserve energy. For instance, throughout summer months, you don’t have to use your ACs more often. The home’s natural ventilation design would be tweaked so by that, the occupants would not experience shabby temperature. The same can be applied throughout colder months. By making use of environmental friendly materials is one thing that’s frequently considered due to the added benefit it offers with regards to residential architects. As soon as you’ve found the right candidate for the job, make sure that you become familiar with your specific requirements.

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