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The Guide To Giving Your Brand A Voice

Your trendy graphic design and is a flop that reels in no fans for your brand. So many tweets go viral every single day, but no matter what you do, none of yours get to the big leagues.

Well, this useful guide has all the answers for you.

It’s time to look you in the eye and tell you dead straight what you’re missing: a well-established brand voice. Think about your identity as a brand and the people you want to reach, and let that be the starting point of forming your individual brand voice.

Some of the brands that hit close to home have been doing it so impressively well, and we’ll talk about them in this useful guide. Below are some of the best brand voices out there:

Wendy’s Tweets
Wendy’s has been referred to as the queen of the app because of tweet after tweet of subtle insults and severe shade.

Wendy’s has totally mastered the art of tweeting and made it work for them completely.

It owes its acclimation to their social media coordinator, Amy Brown, who started it all.

Wendy’s traces its Twitter fame roots to the second day in January 2017 when they put out a well-meaning tweet about their fresh beef never being frozen.

Until out of the blue, @NHride replied to the tweet saying that their beef is frozen and everybody knows it and are laughing at them.

Wendy’s continued to conversation saying kindly that they never use frozen meat, and then being told by @NHride that they then must be delivering it on a hot truck.
To cut the convo short, the user brought McDonald’s to the conversation and Wendy’s ended it with the roast: “You don’t have to bring them into this just because you forgot refrigerators existed for a second there”.
Since that point, Wendy’s has been putting out spicy tweets that fans have been totally eating up.
This useful guide first tip is: running a business account doesn’t mean you have to tweet only formal and decent tweets, throw in some humor and even some roasts once in a while.

The Brand With The Check
Nike’s ads usually go along the lines of a creative shot of an athlete making sporty look absolutely aesthetic. In recent years, Nike upped their game by featuring Colin Kaepernick as the narrator in a commercial, even while he was getting a lot of slack for not standing for the flag to support the Black Lives Matter movement. That courageous move done by Colin was followed by more black players, leading to companies quitting collaborations with them, that is, except for Nike.

This was Nike’s brand voice – a voice that speaks for what they stand for.

This useful guide delivers to you our second tip: if your message fits your brand, don’t be afraid to take that risky move.

Last of all this useful guide tips is: you don’t have to have the best brand voice in your niche, as long as you know your brand and you know your audience, you can craft whatever brand voice you think best fits.

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