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In Or Out? Colors You’ll Love For Your Interior

Maybe you’ve been looking at interiors on Pinterest and thinking, “Hey, maybe I should repaint my house too!” Well, we’re right there with you! Whether you’re looking to fill your walls with patterns or good old solid colors, the paint you choose is an important decision for you!

However, interior paint is more than creating Instagram-worthy walls. The paint colors you select could either let you go big or go home – too embarrassing shades. The colors you choose will affect what kind of furniture you can match it with, what kind of emotions it will evoke, and more.

This is the time we sit down and talk about the trending paint colors of the year. We’d rather go mainstream than be so last year, right?

So what colors should you throw on your walls and which ones should you throw to the trash? Click here for more of the trending colors of the year!

Interior Paint Colors You Will Gush Over
Colors are often neglected in the entire interior design process, but these bad boys can bring out the big guns if you choose the right ones. Don’t go to the paint store and end up being talked into colors you’ll end up regretting! Pick among these paint colors and click here for more interior design tips you’ll need afterward!

Lilac Gray
Gray is a renowned choice for interior paint color. But the good old gray paint we know can seem a bit underwhelming. This gave rise to trendier shades of gray that have become ubiquitous. Lilac gray is the one that has been gaining most of the attention amongst them all.

This shade of gray contains subtle lilac tones that make it less gloomy yet maintaining that cool and calming feat..

It’s easy to use lilac gray in any room. The living and dining rooms are the perfect rooms for lilac gray. But it also looks lovely in a bedroom.

When you want a fail-safe neutral option, you can totally put hazelnut on the number one spot in your list.

Just like the iconic but it is named after, hazelnut is a warm yet light shade of brown. What brings warmth to the hazelnut shade is the delicate undertones of orange and yellow it contains. Its neutral yet warm feel makes it suitable for any, if not all, of the rooms in your house, and you can click here for more ideas of styling those rooms.

We can see your eye rolls from here! Pastels in this day and age? But seriously, pastels are still a thing even in 2019, especially when toned down to the right degree. Pastels are the kind of colors that make your room feel fresh and open up your space.

A classic pastel shade matched with a neutral might just be the surprising match made in heaven for you.

Just remember that pastels are the kinds of colors that can’t be used in any room of your liking. A kids room, perhaps. But never the kitchen – click here for more reasons why you shouldn’t use pastels for your kitchen.

These are just three of the most on-trend colors for interior design. Don’t get bummed out just yet, click here for more!