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Why Your Treating Physician Is Valuable to Your Workers’ Compensation Case

Every employee is covered by the benefits of their workers’ compensation insurance. Included in this coverage is getting necessary and reasonable medical care services. As an employee, you have every right to select the right treating physician for you. Your doctor should be more than capable of providing proper treatment to your injuries. Aside from that, you have to find a doctor who advocates for your workers’ compensation case. You can build a solid workers’ compensation case with the help of your treating physician and their services.

What makes your treating physician important in your workers’ compensation case is their opinion on your injuries or medical condition. Workers’ comp doctor are not the same as any other doctors who will only examine you one time because they will be monitoring your recovery from time to time. Through constant monitoring from the treating physician, they will better understand your medical treatment needs, your injuries or condition, the likelihood of a full recovery, and your current physical limitations. Your workers’ comp doctor will be making significant decisions in your case that will influence your recovery and the benefits that you will receive.

One of the roles that your workers’ comp doctor will play is to diagnose and treat your condition. Getting workers’ compensation benefits is only possible after getting a medical diagnosis from your treating physician. The workers’ comp doctor that you have will also take charge of all areas of medical care like your medications and whether or not you require physical therapy.

Your workers’ comp doctor will also give you the go signal to see a specialist or not. Usually, treating physicians will be signing a referral form to specialists that you may require like an orthopedist or a surgeon. Make sure to always go with a workers’ comp doctor who is more than willing to listen to your complaints and health needs. Your doctor must make sure to provide you with the kind of treatment that you need.

A reliable workers’ comp doctor also makes the important decision pertaining work restrictions. Your treating physician will be making decisions pertaining to you taking some time off work for a chance of recovery while you receive some partial wage benefits. It will be up to your workers’ comp doctor too to decide when you will be coming back for work. If you go back to work without any work restrictions or work too early, you may injure yourself more.

A workers’ comp doctor determines the level of your disability. When you reach stable conditions without any improvement, your doctor may evaluate further if you have permanent limitations. The assessment and conclusion of your treating physician will determine the amount of money you will receive as permanent disability benefits.

And last, providing evidence for your case is also the responsibility of your workers’ comp doctor through your medical records.

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