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The Red Flags That Make Divorce Your Best Option

Nobody anticipates nor celebrates divorce. When we go into a relationship and proceed to marriage, we desire to make our vows last a lifetime. But we never know what the future could hold and what road bumps end up destroying what was meant to last forever. Statistics show that a whopping number of 40 to 50 percent of marriages actually end in divorce. What the number does not show is the pain and the situations that led couples to that end. There are many warning signs that point to divorce, and you can learn and read more here.

Being Emotionally Distant
It is worrying to most couples when they incessantly argue with their spouse. But heavier than that is when a couple no longer fights nor argues about the little things at all. A couple that sill argues still cares, while a couple that is apathetic has no interest anymore in salvaging the relationship. If you are in a predicament such as this, read more here.

Abuse In All Its Forms
Abuse comes in many hideous shapes and kinds, including physical, verbal, emotional, mental, and sexual abuse. If your partner starts to exhibit abusive behavior, confront them about it, not make excuses for the person. Do not put yourself nor your children at risk by staying in an abusive marriage, so read more here about getting the legal help you need.

Your partner’s unfaithfulness does not have to force you into ending it. If your spouse is sincerely regretful about the mistake of having an affair and is willing to go through therapy with you, then there might be a glimmer of hope for your relationship. But do not forget your worth as a person who deserves to be fully loved and given value and remember that having children with your spouse does not obligate you to stay with him/her. For more about matters of infidelity, read more here.

Struggles With Addiction
Having an addiction problem is often not reason enough to end a marriage. But if you have been trying to help them seek treatment yet they have no desire of getting better, that could be a sign that divorce is one of your options. To get the help that you and your partner need, read more here.

We have named above a few of the various warning signs in a marriage that could possibly lead to divorce. If you relate to any of the situations above, just remember to take the time for decision-making, and that you are worthy, you are brave, and you can start again.