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Importance of Law in the Society

The set out norms and regulations governing a city, or a state referred to as law. there are penalties that come with breaking the established standards in a community. The principles are set out for smooth governance of the various arms of the government and define the conduct of all people involved. There are rules pertaining the entire society and others that relate to every person living in that community. The importance of the law is paramount for better survival of the community. Rules and regulations are set out for the existing people and generations to come.

Violence is well taken care of by the existing rules and regulations in a country. The rules defend the citizens from the destruction that could come their way. Destruction is brought about by wars and killing of people. Peace kept and guarded by the existence of legislation that governs a particular community. Where there are strict rules people barred from inciting others to violence. Development of laws governing all the states of the world have created an excellent platform for the achievement of democracy.

The The rule of law has assisted in ensuring that a community is progressive and well maintained. Laws provide that education of the community protected. Increase of technology is regulated by the rules set out in a nation. Without a law to protect these vital services to the community, it would be tough to realize the full growth of society. Patients and doctors are protected by the government of laws. The medical services being entrusted with patients’ lives have rules to be followed to protect the lives.

Laws have played a very critical role in ensuring that people are orderly. The full range of established norms and standards keep people from dumping wastes into the environment anyhow. This is vital in protecting the environment we all live in and make sure it will be safe for the generations to us. Were it not for the various rules and regulations pertaining the deadly diseases persons could be at significant risk for the same diseases. It has prevented the ill-minded individuals in the society from releasing nuclear weapons to the world.

Because of the existing law on people’s rights are protected to enhance peace love and harmony amongst them. Human rights are an essential component in ensuring that people live in harmony. Everyone enjoys confidentiality in their day to day functions. The personal space is protected by rules governing the particular community. Union of two people, is protected by the existing legislation. These set out regulations are meant to make sure that a community grows by protecting the families. Laws have played a vital role in ensuring that human existence is not interfered with by factors that can be prevented.

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