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Getting Your Website To The Top Of Google

The pinnacle of digital marketing is getting your website to the first page of Google’s search results. There is a very competitive climate in search engines, especially Google, as more and more people and companies strive for the top. But you won’t have to worry about reaching out to a professional to do it for you, read on for what this company can teach you about the key ways of getting there.

As you already see, it is very important that you appear on that first page for a specific search term, especially one that is usually looked up by your target audience. This harsh opinion is brought about by the fact that the site that appears on top of the first page will garner a whopping 34% of the total clicks for the term that is looked up, while even the topmost site at the second page will generate only less than 1%! You want to get as many clicks as possible, but even with 15,000 total searches for the term that this company of yours is targeting, the first place on the second page will only generate about 150 months each month.

So how do you get to the absolute top when everyone else in the business industry is striving to get there as well? SEO does not have to be complicated to give you the results you need, so here is some advice that even a beginner will find absolutely useful.

Relevance with backlink quality
The number of backlinks that you have pointing back to your site, the more fame it will get – that used to be the most fundamental tip. But the algorithms have been changed, as Google wants to see relevant pages, not spammy ones so you better focus on the quality rather than the number of your backlinks.

Target the perfect keyword
It will be more beneficial to this company if you target the most niche specified keyword, rather than a broad one that has more search hits in each month. It is better to wind up on the top page for a niche term that will give this company prospective clients rather than on a broad term that might be more visited by people who are not interested in your services.

Optimize the use of social media
This company website of your will rank higher and get more attention when people across different social media communities begin to discuss your products and services to make sure to give value to social media as a marketing tool!

Remember that these are just some SEO tips, make sure to read more and apply them!