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Some of the Top Ford Favorites All-Time Bestsellers

To start with, throughout the history Ford has been making some incredible vehicles such as the model T. You find that Ford Henry came up with his first motorized vehicle in 1896 when he was an engineer for Detroit’s Illuminating Company. Then in 1903, he incorporated Ford Motor Company and a month later the first cars were assembled. Following 1908, he launched Tin Lizzie or Model T which was very affordable. Keep reading for some of our picks for the best Ford cars of all time which you should know.

One of the bestselling cars s Model T. One thing that you should know is that during that time, this care was innovative, popular, durable and a total bestseller. The Ford Company produced and sold the Model T from 1908 through to 1927. Besides, after twenty years, Ford company had made 16.5 million sales and this makes it one of the successful cars in the market ever made.

Let us also look at the F-Series Trucks. This is a pickup truck line that hit the market in 1948. Of which they launched the F1, a half-ton truck, and the F8, a three-ton truck. You find that up to now they have sold over 40 million F-Series trucks. At the moment we have F-150, Chassis cabs, F-350 and F-250.

Not only that but we also have Ford Mustang. It is essential to note that this is the Ford bestselling car of all time. It was launched in 1964 and by 1968 it sold over 2 million and by 1993 three million cars were out. Most of the people like this brand because it is fast and reliable. If you want Mustang, you can check out on what’s new and other used options at this Ford dealership.

Besides, we have Ford Thunderbird. You should know that Ford Thunderbird was launched in Detroit auto show in 1954 where Ford meant to sell only 10, 00o cars. Afterwards the demand changed and he sold over 16,000 vehicles. You should also know that Ford Thunderbird was a two-seater which was built for comfort over speed.

Not only that but we also have Ford Explorer. This is SUV that was launched in 1990 and it sold upwards of 7 million. When it comes to 2011, the sales went increased when Ford moved to truck build.

Last but not least, we have Ford GT. It is essential to note that this brand was built for speed because Henry Ford II wanted to beat Ferrari in the races and thus when GT40 series was made and they won the race.