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A Guide to Arts and Crafts

Looking at the human mind, how the people have changed their lives , imagination is a vessel that can take you anywhere that you desire. Human beings in their relations and their being need to express themselves and art is a way through which they open up to the world. Art can be traced back to the evolution stages of man and you will find out that human beings had art with them even then. However we perceive or decode art, almost all people have a soft spot for art depending on what type of art that makes you tick. Art finds way to speak with and among people in a way no language or words can. Art exists in different forms , from music ,carvings , paintings and other countless forms .Music, poems, spoken word, paintings and other aspects make up art.

Glass blowing, a rare form of art, has been commercialized in the form of product glassware that also has some art in it will always find functionality within homes, galleries and also institutions. When we mold and blow glass, we bend it to our will and artists dealing in this technique can come up with amazing creation,this is art.

Artistic glassware is something to behold especially with some aspect of color and light.

Arts and crafts can be found at every stage of human growth and it would be wise to let our young ones grow with a connection to art. Development of a child is gradual process, bringing in art during their development stimulates coordination and in the long run fine motor skills in the use of limbs. Engaging your children in arts and crafts helps develop their ability that require them to use their hands moreover in the long run they are able to perform duties such as shower and tying their ribbons and their laces.

For a long time now , therapy has been used to connect to children since arts and crafts for children use these mode to express themselves too , just like in the adults cases . Its no shocker that sometimes a child may put walls and opt to be antisocial, on the brighter side, with creative use of fun art and craft activities the walls may just come down.

No one will argue that children as young as they are, need to learn on how to make choices, involving children in arts and craft activities is a training ground for the children to learn on how to make use of visual, tactile and audio information to make decisions that affect them. Looking at history and where we stand, we can comfortably say that art is here to stay so it makes it important to learn on how best to make use of art and craft.

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