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The Benefits That You Get From Healthcare Services

The diagnostics is an important part in the field of healthcare which will allow the detection of diseases and health risks accurately in order to help improve disease management and treatment, as well as preventing health issues and cutting down on the costs. It is important to take note that the costs of healthcare will go up together with the improvement of economic indicators. Even if diagnostic tests will only be comprising a really small percentage in the total medical expenses, they still account to as much as 60 to 70 percent of the overall treatment decisions. Aside from that, there is now more focus on diagnostics to detect diseases in their early stages with the presence of molecular diagnostics.

You should also know that the industry of healthcare is growing fast and is expected to be one of the dominant aspects in the economy.

That is why pathology and diagnostic healthcare services would account for $2.5 billion in the year 2012Of the sum, it surpasses the double of its estimated size of $1 billion. The growth in this area is expected to be the cause of the consolidation in the healthcare service industry and the growth of insurance penetration within the population of the country. So by the year 2012, the healthcare facilities like the private and public hospitals, core sector, which is where the healthcare sector is centered, will continue to contribute as much as 70% of the overall sector and reach as much as $54.7 billion during the year 2012. You need to know that the market of pathology and diagnostics testing is considered as some of the most lucrative markets all over the world. The market has grown a lot in the recent years.

You also need to know that the In Vitro Diagnostic market is expected to reach $300 million in 2008 – 2009. In addition to that, the IVD market scene is expected to catch up with the rest of the world since it has made a lot of major development in the last 4 to 5 years. The labs are the main driving force of the IVD revenue at 65% while the hospitals account for 35% share. The market is divided into private and public customers and the industry is made of corporate, unorganized players, and MNCs. There are actually big players today that are interested in the IVD business because of the many great opportunities it can offer.

You should also know that molecular diagnostic is growing strongly for the past five years at a speed of 15%. The molecular diagnostics or the analysis of the RNA and DNA at a molecular level is a fast developing market which is driven by the growing awareness of the human genome. That is the reason why many universities and institutes today are doing their own research about this aspect in the healthcare service industry.
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