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A Guide on How to Care for The Forest and The Wildlife

Forest is the most beautiful and magical resources in the world. Forest are vital for the survival of life on this planet. Researcher indicates that about 30 percent of this planet is covered by the forest. Over two billion in the world rely on the forest for food, shelter, livelihood, and shelter. The forest is also a home for diverse animals and plant species. One of the main benefits of this resource is the absorption of harmful greenhouse like carbon dioxide which is responsible for increasing the planet’s temperature. Besides, they are the source of water used for drinking, bathing, among other uses.

Despite all these benefits, a huge number of trees are lost each year through deforestation. This a plague that could adversely affect lives in life. The local community will lose the flow of clean water and uncontrolled floods. Forest regulate floods by realizing water at regular intervals. The most serious concern of not caring for the forest is a decline in the rainfall which increases desiccation in the surrounding area. This will affect agriculture in the extended areas. Many people do not care for the world life. However, these living things are necessary for the regeneration of the forest. Today many species of wildlife have drastically reduced while others have completely extinct because of not caring for the forest.

Forest and wildlife conservation programs are designed to save and maintain the forest and wildlife for the benefit of the current and future generations. Many countries have realized the benefits of forest conservation. Because of this, they have come up with forest and wildlife conservation laws. There are a couple of ways to protect the forest. First, you should protect it from the forest fire. Fire is the most common cause of the loss of the forest. Fire is caused by accident or intentional. It is vital to note that once the fire spread, it is very challenging to control. Precaution must be taken in such situations, to address it at an early stage.

Afforestation is another way of conserving the forest. It involves planting more trees with the aim of increasing the forest cover. Afforestation mainly aims at counteracting the deforestation and the effect of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide. Farmers are encouraged to engage in better farming practices. Among the methods that forest experts discourage include burning farming and overgrazing. We must control all these practices for the benefit of the forest. Reforestation is also an essential method of managing the forest. This method involves planting trees in places where there has been deforestation.

People should join societies, club, and groups that are meant to conserve the wildlife and the forest. It is vital to note that when people work together, the effects are greater. Vets in The Valley is an example of the group in Ricketts Glen that brings together veterans and youths. Here people engage in activities such as wresting with the main of supporting development interest.

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