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Activities that Will Make a Hens Party Amazing

A hens means a lot to the bride because she needs her friends and family members to be there on the eve of the wedding to celebrate with her and encourage her. Choose activities to do on a hens party taking into consideration what the bride loves and what she does not like. The following ideas are great for a hens party

You can never go wrong with a sleepover even if it seems old fashioned. Find a suitable house that will make the bride comfortable such as a home, a friend’s home, the home of one of the bride’s maids or a home of a family member. Know what you need and have a list of everything that is required including drinks and food days before the sleepover and organize for the things to be brought to the house. Find out the games that interest the bride that you can play during the sleepover such as twister, app games, charades and more. Rent movies too. Request the guests to come with pajamas and sleeping bags but ensure that you purchase these items for the bride. The sleepover needs to be recorded on camera, therefore, find a camera for recording videos and taking photographs.

The night can be turned into a night of making top cocktail instead of hosting a sleepover. The idea is quite affordable because it requires fewer things compared to a sleepover. Get recipes for preparing lemonades because they are the most common cocktails and purchase ingredients. Try making cocktails a few days before the night so that you perfect your skills to avoid wasting a lot of ingredients that night.

A wine and cheese night can be expensive if you’re going to invite many people, but it is perfect for a handful of guests. The idea suits a hen party that will be attended by older family members.

Make your guests to feel part and parcel of your celebration with a potluck dinner. Decide on the theme, dress code and the dishes you will prepare on that night. Most people use Italian and Mexican themes while preparing potluck dinners. Add some alcohol to make them dinner complete. Everyone should take part in the dinner because there are so many tasks such as decorating the venue, prepare the meals, welcome the guests, serve the guests and so on.

How about the thrilling murder mystery night? It sounds frightening, but the game sends chills down your spine and every moment of it gives you a lovely experience.

The clothes swap night is fantastic. Every guest should bring a number of their clothes to the party. You will be fitting clothes of different people and whichever fits you is yours. Bring clothes that are valuable because you do not expect to bring rags and take other people’s clothes that are of value.

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